Ashram Routine

All the activities of the Ashram are conducted keeping in view the ideal of ‘love all Serve all’. Regular Nitnem of ‘ Gurbani Paath and Kirtan ’is followed in the Darbar Sahib where the ‘Prakash and Sukhasan ’ of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is done in accordance with the custom and with love and dedication .

Since 1970, the Çhhettar’ in the morning has become an indispensable part of the ashram routine.

Teaching of Gurmukhi, Paath and Kirtan is also undertaken by the Ashram Sewadaars on request of the Sangat. Apart from this, a regular routine of Langar Sewa and preparation for it is also followed.

In the evening, special classes are given to the poor children living in the vicinity by the devotees. These chidren are either studying in NGA or other local schools nearby. The devotee teachers are doing the sewa of not only helping them in their studies but also they lay stress on personal hygiene and etiquettes. Besides this, these children are also taking classes in Gurbani, Paath and Kirtan.