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The practice of community kitchen or langar (serving free food) was started by Jagat Guru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It was designed to uphold the principle of equality between all people regardless of religion, caste, colour, creed, age, gender or social status.

Nirmal Ashram, too, follows this principle religiously where the community kitchen or langar is open to everyone, irrespective of any distinction.

Morning ‘Chhettar’

The tradition of ‘Chhettar’ or serving morning meal to the saints, poor, downtrodden people began since 1970 with the inspiration & orders of Sant Baba Nikka Singh Ji ‘Virakat’ during the tenure of Mahant Atma Singh Ji. The Chhettar begins with the recital of ‘Aarti’ seeking the blessings of ‘Maa Ganga’ and the almighty God. Thereafter the sadhus & the underprivileged needy people who come to receive food are welcomed by showering flowers on them. They are offered food two chappatis, dal as well as tea every day. On special occasions or festivals, they are even given blankets, utensils, woollen articles etc. along with fruit or any sweet item. This custom which began in 1970 with the grace & blessing of the Guru is continuing till date & everyday about 700-800 people are served. The ‘Chhettar’ continues for an hour or more & is simultaneously accompanied by the recitation of Bhajans & Shabads, which creates a pious aura all around. Pujya Maharaj Ji believes that those people who come to receive ‘alms’ in ‘chhettar’ are ‘Narayan roop’ because of whom we all get the ‘sewa’ & their blessings. That is why, they are greeted by showering of flowers on them & the food is consigned or conferred to them (arpan) which gives spiritual satisfaction & happiness to all.

The devotees & the ‘sewadaars’ who are staying in the Ashram also have their meals (Langar) here along with tea at specified hours. They earnestly follow the norms and rules of the Ashram, perform their duties & receive the blessings of Maharaj Ji. The Langar is also open to the poor, needy & daily visitors.