Nirmal Ashram Gyan Daan Academy

Nirmal Ashram Gyan Daan Academy (NGA) was founded on September 21, 2003 by His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj amongst a big gathering of Saints and Sadhus & Sangat who thronged the campus from far & near places. Amidst the chanting of Gurbani, Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj and Sant Jodh Singh Ji Maharaj of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh, laid the foundation stone of NGA at village Khairi Kalan, Rishikesh. It is an educational institution which imparts quality education to the children of those who could not afford to send their siblings to a good school. With the grace of God, the school building was ready for its inaugural session on April 02, 2004, where 178 children had been selected for class LKG to II. The school is affiliated to CBSE  & is completely charitable. The children of the poorest of the poor are selected through a selection committee & once admitted, they are the school’s responsibility. Beginning with their books, the school provides them the uniforms (summer, winter & activity days), shoes, mid-day meal, school bags & stationery, transport facility all free of cost. Even art & craft & other project material is also provided by the school. Children of the near-by areas are also given bicycles so that they are able to commute on their own & for far off areas buses are provided. Extra classes are also conducted throughout the session for senior board class students. Special attention is paid to the academically weak student.

This school is a first of its kind in Uttarakhand which is fulfilling the needs of the people who are living a life of penury. Hon’ble Maharaj Ji believes in investing money on children, educating them is far more noble than investing money on bricks & marbles, having lavish houses. Serving humanity is serving God & children no doubt, are His most beautiful manifestation.


Today NGA has 997 students from class LKG to XII. Nirmal Ashram Gyan Daan Academy is spread over 16,194 square meters with 52 fully furnished rooms. Facilities include a well-stocked library, well-equipped computer labs, music room, audio/visual room and a mid-day meal hall. In addition to this, both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities are also provided for the all-round development of the students. Furthermore, it maintains a teacher-student ratio of 1:30 in order to give proper attention and care to each individual. With the divine blessings and guidance of H.H. Mahant Ram Singh Ji Maharaj, & under the meticulous planning and constant supervision of Sant Jodh Singh Ji Maharaj, NGA today is able to achieve & maintain its mission & sole objective of educating the needy & poverty-stricken children of the society. It is a move to reduce illiteracy & make people self-reliant. Great care is taken in imparting education to these children which aims at the holistic growth of the child as well as giving a sound foundation to his character by inculcating in them the value of ‘Sewa’ & love for fellow beings. Although, the school strictly follows the CBSE curriculum, but imbibing the religious & moral values among its students is a matter of prime concern among its staff & administrators. The aim is to make a good human being. This is what makes NGA different from other charitable institutes in India or abroad.



Nirmal Auditorium was inaugurated on April 6, 2018 by the holy hands of Mahant Ram Singh Ji Maharaj & Sant Jodh Singh Ji Maharaj. It is equipped with multi-media  and all ultra-modern audio-visual facilities, LCD projector, WiFi, automatic control lighting panel, dolby sound & high quality speakers. The stage is designed on the Shakespearean model with green rooms (attached washrooms) on both sides and separate exit & entry. It is a multi-purpose centralized AC hall and could house thousand spectators. It is also equipped with latest security system i.e. fire alarms, water sprinklers etc 

The hall also has a balcony section with stadium-style seats which gives the audience a feel of a theatre. This auditorium gives a seamless platform to the children to harness their latent potential & talent. Who knows, may be a great actor, an eloquent orator, a musical maestro, a terrific dancer is born out of this stage. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. The halls architectural design is as such that it even acts as an in-door court for badminton, basketball & table-tennis. The wooden flooring makes it more picturesque.

Mid-Day Meal

The school also provides mid-day meal to improve the nutritional standard of the children, thereby reducing malnutrition. Being health conscious, Nirmal Ashram also has its own Nirmal Bakery at NDS (a sisterly-concern institute of NGA) to supply fresh and healthy food to its students and staff. Milk being an essential component of diet is served daily to the students, sometimes in the form of porridge or kheer or is sometimes supplemented with mouth-watering cakes, biscuits, cream rolls, buns, bread etc., all prepared under strict hygienic conditions in the in-house bakery.

The purpose behind this was to provide healthy & balanced food to the students who belonging to the poor and downtrodden families, sometimes may not be in a position to carry a tiffin also to the school. The food is relished by the students & is served in the mess under the supervision of the teachers. Seasonal fruit & sweats are also served time & again.

His Holiness Maharaj Ji believes that these children are the fortunate one because of whom everyone gets a golden opportunity to do ‘sewa’ & serve God.

Salient Features

NGA has a spacious campus, lush green and pollution-free environment. The Academy premises blossoms with various kinds of beautiful flowers and evergreen trees imparting an aesthetic aura to the surroundings throughout the year.


Nirmal Ashram Gyan Daan Academy frames its School Almanac for every academic session which mentions various activities and conducts them as per the schedule given in it. NGA has been successful in creating an atmosphere which ensures progress of students in every field. The School strives at imparting such a training to its students that they feel fully confident to compete in a healthy manner. In order to ensure maximum participation of students in various activities, the students have been divided into four Houses: Prahlad, Shravan, Luv & Kush. These Houses are under the tutelage of experienced and dedicated teachers. They constantly provide necessary guidance and motivation to the students so that they may hone their skills, excel in them and bring laurels to their respective Houses. More importantly, students are taught to be humble in victory and courageous in defeat.

The school conducts activities in three main fields – Literary, Health & Physical Education and Art & Craft. The main literary activities are English and Hindi Debates, Recitation, Declamation, Calligraphy, etc. In Health & Physical Education, the school organizes activities like in-door games, Volley ball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Kho-Kho, Handball etc. The main activities of Art & Craft are Mehndi, Rakhi Making, Colouring, Painting & Paper Folding Competition etc.

Sports and Physical Education

Nirmal Ashram Gyan Daan Academy holds number of Sports activities for its students in every session. It aims at the all-round development of child’s personality. To begin with, it conducts indoor games and inter class short races. The school also conducts various outdoor games like Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Handball etc. Students represent their respective Houses and try their best to win positions for themselves and their Houses. The school has all the required and necessary material and sports kit for running any sports & games. The school has two rooms for this – one for holding indoor games like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc. and the other for keeping all the related material for outdoor games.

The school organizes Annual Athletic Meet in every session. Students under the proper guidance and training of physical education teachers take part in it with full enthusiasm and vigour. It begins with the March Past performed by the athletes of all the four Houses: Prahalad, Shravan, Luv & Kush. It is worth seeing when the students march ahead elegantly representing their School Flag, House Flags and House mottos. Short and Long races, High Jump, Discus throw are the major field and track events of Annual Athletic Meet.

The school also prepares its students for Inter School Tournaments.

School Functions

            Investiture Ceremony: The School conducts ‘Investiture Ceremony’ before the commencement of Summer Vacations. It is a Ceremony in which the School honours the newly appointed School and House Appointments (school cabinet) with their respective badges and sashes. These students are assigned some responsibilities which they are supposed to shoulder for the whole session with honesty and dedication.

            National Days (Republic Day & Independence Day): – The school celebrates Republic Day and Independence Day every year with full enthusiasm and honour.

            Inter House Nirmal Quiz & Gurbani Recitation: – Every year, the school conducts Inter House Nirmal Quiz & Gurbani Recitation. The quiz is organized on the life of Sikh Gurus, Bhagats and the Life History of the Nirmal Ashram Saints. The aim is to inculcate spiritual & moral virtues among children.

            Inter House Annual Athletic Meet: – The school organizes Inter House Annual Athletic Meet in the month of November every year. The meet includes various track & field events for all classes, and is organized on an Inter-House Competition bases.

            Annual Day: – The school organizes its Annual Day every year in December. The students get a golden opportunity to present a cultural programme. Toppers of previous session and Inter House activities of the current year are felicitated on this day.


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