Granth Brahm Todh

This book is  a precious jewel of ‘Nirmal Sampradaya’ and is written by great Sant Sriman Mohar Singh ‘Nirmaley’ and is dedicated to the lotus feet of Saheb-e-Kamaal Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The book elucidates in great detail about the realisation of self, merging oneself with the great omnipotent & omni-present God & spells out explicitly the Vedantic & Gurmat philosophy. It is written in the puratan (archaic) Punjabi typical vocabulary & follows the style of a discourse written both in poetry & prose form. It expounds on the basic principles of ‘Gurmat’ and ‘Advaita’ philosophy. The book is available in Gurmukhi & was first released by the Ashram in January 2015.

Granth Brahm Todh (Gurmukhi)