Mahant Atma Singh Ji Maharaj

Sriman Atma Singh Ji took shelter of Pujya Mahant Buddha Singh Ji in 1908 when he was very young. He received innumerable blessings of his Guru because of his untiring services towards sadhus, construction work & highly commendable arrangement of community kitchen (langar) and cow shelter (Gaushala).

As the Mahant of the Ashram, he performed his duties with infinite dedication & the Ashram made multi-lateral progress during his time. The tradition of ‘Chhettar’ also began under him with the inspiration of Sant Baba Nikka Singh Ji ‘Virakat’.

He was known for his forbearance, knowledge and love for the community. At the bidding of Pujya Sant Baba Nikka Singh Ji ‘Virakat’, he appointed his most ardent disciple Sant Narain Singh Ji as his successor & breathed his last on August 9, 1973.


Mahant Buddha Singh Ji
Mahant Atma Singh Ji
Sant Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’ Ji
Mahant Narain Singh Ji
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Sant Jodh Singh Ji