Mahant Buddha Singh Ji

Mahant Buddha Singh Ji– Mahant Buddha Singh ji was born at village Hallowal, district Gurdaspur (Punjab). He was soft spoken, a great administrator, a scholar of shastras and a great orator. Endowed with all the virtues and qualities he was appointed as the secretary of Nirmal Panchayati Akhara Kankhal (Haridwar). He laid the foundation of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh in the year 1903 to provide boarding & lodging facilities to the saints meditating in the ‘Jhaari on the bank of Ganges. Arrangement for community meals (Guru ka Langar) were also made. He was also the founder of Nirmal Bagh at Kankhal (Haridwar). The entire life of revered Mahant Buddha Singh Ji was dedicated to preaching & spreading the message of the Guru. According to the divine decree, he took abode in heaven in 1937 at Nirmal Bagh Kankhal. Thereafter Sant Atma Singh ji Maharaj was bestowed as the Mahant & took over the services of the Ashram.

Mahant Buddha Singh Ji
Mahant Atma Singh Ji
Sant Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’ Ji
Mahant Narain Singh Ji
Mahant Ram Singh Ji
Sant Jodh Singh Ji