Mahant Narain Singh Ji Maharaj

He took charge of the Ashram in the year 1974. He had deep regard for both Sant Baba Nikka Singh Ji ‘Virakat’ & his Guru Sriman Mahant Atma Singh Ji and performed all services in accordance with their wishes.

He was quite calm in temperament, had a great knowledge of Gurbani & other religious shastras as well as of Ayurveda. During his sewa period, the Ashram made all round progress. As per divine decree, Mahant Narain Singh Ji left his mortal frame on 25th October, 1982. With the blessings of Sant Nikka Singh Ji ‘Virakat’, on the seventeenth day, the “Pagri Tying Ceremony” (Coronation) of Sant Ram Singh Ji was performed in the presence of whole Nirmal Sant Community & he was bestowed the honour of Mahant Ram Singh Ji, on November 10, 1982

Till date, Param Pujya Mahant Ram Singh Ji Maharaj has blessed innumerable people with ‘Naam Daan’ & has looked into the activities of the Ashram.

Nirmal Ashram has made multilateral progress during His time. Various charitable institutes have been opened in field of medicine & education to help the poor and the destitute. The ideology of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji of ‘Kirat Karo, Naam Japo & Vand Chhako’  has been fruitfully applied here. Even the motto of the Ashram ‘Love all Serve all’ speaks volume about it.


Mahant Buddha Singh Ji
Mahant Atma Singh Ji
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Mahant Narain Singh Ji
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