Nirmal Kutia, Karnal (Haryana)

Nirmal Kutia Karnal

This sacred place is the place of meditation of Brahm Gyani, Brahmleen, Sriman Sant Baba Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’ ji. After the partition of the country, he showered his blessings to the people of this city. During his stay here he ran uninterrupted current of satsang. It is a place which really enriches a devotee with the spiritual bounties. The very sight of sectum is captivating and delightful which soothes the heart, freshes the mind and purifies the soul. This sacred place is the centre of meditation of devotees who flock to this place from very early morning till late at night. Inspired by H.H. Mahant Ram Singh ji, people belonging to different communities, especially the youth, continue reciting Gurbani here. A special Gurbani Kirtan Darbar is arranged in the evening on Sundays. Guru ka langar goes on 24 hrs. every day. People in large numbers, from India and abroad come here with great devotion and respect for the Nanak Darbar established by ‘Virakat’ Maharaj ji and pray for the fulfilment of their wishes. Mahant Baba Ram Singh ji visits this place from time to time, blesses and inspires devotees to tread the right path. With the inspiration of Maharaj ji a Mahaan Yagya was performed at this holy place in 1993 on the auspicious accasion of Deepawali. The function began on 10 November, 1993 with a large holy procession (Nagar Kirtan). During this function, recitation of 251 Sri Akhand Path Sahib ji of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji began together in one canopy (pandaal) on November 11 and were completed on November 13. Gurbani Shabad Kirtan continued throughout the Deepawali night followed by Aasa di vaar and Ardas (prayer). Guru Ka Langar went on uninterrupted during the day and night. Shabad Kirtan, lectures (Parvachan) and Brahm Vichar continued. Lakhs of Nirmal Kutia, Karnal (Haryana) devotees got together in the form of congregation and enhanced the grandeur of this yagya. All the Akhandpath recitors (Paathi) and sewadars rendered selfless service in this unique function. This is the first example of its kind in the history of the world and is worthy of being written in letters of gold. In Nirmal Kutia recitation of Akhand Paths of Sri Guru Granth Sahib goes on throughout the year. Lodging facilities for devotees coming from other places are also there. At a distance of two kms. from this place, there is a cow shelter in Nirmal Bagh where cows of foreign breed are kept and looked after very well. Fodder for cows is also grown here. Besides, different types of fruit plants have been planted which add to the grandeur of this place. Sriman Sant Nirbhinder Singh ji ‘Sarpanch’ has dedicated his life to the services of this holy place and is performing his services very efficiently. Before becoming a Sadhu he was an agriculturist and was also Sarpanch of two villages for ten years. During this period he had been seeking the blessings of Pujya Sant Baba Nikka Singh ji Maharaj which left an indelible impression on his life. After sometime, he came to Rishikesh and started doing selfless service at the Ashram. Once at the bidding of Maharaj ji, he took over the sewa of managing Nirmal Sant Niwas Mumbai and reciting Gurbani to the devotees. Pleased with his services, Mahant Baba Ram Singh ji graced him as Sant and entrusted him the management of Nirmal Kutia, Karnal. The life of Sarpanch ji is extremely simple. From his very childhood, he has been very hardworking and enjoyed working with his own hands. In the morning, at noon and also at night, he distributes Guru ka Langar to the poor with his own hands along with his other fellows. At this holy place of meditation, almost 400 persons perform different services (sewa) daily with great devotion and humility after paying obeisance. Admiringly all services are running free at this vast place. At this very place another obedient disciple of Pujya Maharaj ji Sant Baba Kanwal Inder Singh ji is assisting in every type of service. He has been leading the life of a saint since 1997 after freeing himself from the worldly bonds.