Nimal Bagh, Kankhal (Haridwar)

Nimal Bagh Kankhal, Haridwar

A view of Sri Darbar Sahib Bhawan, Satsang Hall and Ashram building.

Haridwar is an ancient place of piligrimage where people from every corner of all the states of India come. Innumerable pilgrims come to Haridwar on te occasion of Baisakhi, Ganga Dussehra, Somwari Amavasya, Kartik Poornima, Sankrati, Maaghi and Kumbh fairs. A thought came to the kind heart of Pujya Mahant Baba Buddha Singh ji Maharaj that an Ashram should be set up at Haridwar so that the devotees could have a comfortable stay there at the time of religious gatherings. With this view a piece of land was bought from Mahant Nihal Singh ji and some rooms were built in 1911. Saplings were planted on the remaining piece of land. This Ashram is situated on the Haridwar – Delhi Main Road near the Prem Nagar Ashram Chowk and is known as Nirmal Bagh. Rich with natural beauty, Nirmal Bagh is a pleasant place to watch. In the Sri Darbar Sahib Bhawan, as per norms (maryada) Aarti and Ardas are offered in the morning and evening. Facilities for stay and food (langar) exist for the devotees and pilgrims. A big satsang hall was constructed in 1994 where Barsi functions of great souls are celebrated. Akhand paths of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Shabad Kirtan are recited. A clean and modern cow shelter also exists where cows of foreign breed are reared and kept. Cows are milked with milking machines for convenience. Sant Mahesh Chander ji had been performing his untiring services for the care of the cow shelter, agriculture

and the garden. He was extremely hardworking who worked with his own hands and belonged to village Bhatti Kalan (Near Bhawanigarh) district Sangrur in Punjab. According to divine decree he left his mortal frame on 9 February 2006. Besides, daily routine, Sant Bharat Singh ji Vedantacharya is managing community kitchen (Guru ka Langar) and taking care of Sri Darbar Sahib Bhawan most efficiently and with dedication. He is very soft spoken, humble and deeply religious. He hails from village Beebiyapur, district Gonda (U.P.) To assist him in the management of the Nirmal Bagh, Shri Harbans Lal Bawa is performing the services with his body, mind and material. He always takes care of every job of the Ashram with great interest and also takes care of the saints, devotees and the visitors. Bhajan bandgi and the study of Shastras is the food of his life.