Nirmal Sant Niwas (Mumbai)

Long before the partition of India, Param Pujya Mahant Baba Buddha Singh ji preached gurmat in Sindh province through the recitation of gurbani and other shastras. He tried to bind every section of the Sindhi Samaj from the areas of Hyderabad, Karachi, Shikarpur and Sakkhar with Gurughar and blessed them with Naam daan. Sindhi people of those days were very much impressed by the supernatural personality of Maharaj ji and became his disciples in large numbers. At the time of partition of the country in 1947, almost the whole society suffered greatly and settled in India. Because of devotion, faith, zeal and growing love of Sindhi devotees settled in Mumbai, H.H. Mahant Baba Ram Singh ji set up Nirmal Sant Niwas in Varsova (Mumbai) in the year 1994. Regular recitation of gurbani goes on here. Special programme of Kirtan is organised on each Sunday and Guru ka Langar is served. Every year Foundation Day of Nirmal Sant Niwas is celebrated in the month of February. Parkash Divas (Birth days) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji and Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji are celebrated with great devotion on Kartik Purnima and in the months of December / January respectively. Recitation of Akhand Paths and Sahaj Paaths goes on uninterrupted. Untiring service and devotion of Sindhi and Punjabi communities have lent a unique grace and elegance to the place. Bhai Bhagwan Singh ji, a great disciple of Pujya Maharaj ji, a resident of village Bhorey (near Nabha) has undertaken the sewa (service) of the Ashram with great devotion and love, and is performing it with full cooperation of Saadh-Sangat.