Nirmal Updesh

This book in-corporates the eternal preachings of Param Pujya Brahmleen Mahant Buddha Singh Ji Maharaj, the founder of Nirmal Ashram.

The book contains the profound & detailed explanation of the ‘Ashtapadi in Raag Maajh ‘, composed by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji & appears on page 131 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The ‘Ashtapadi’ elaborates on the nature & characteristics of a ‘Gurmukh’ & a ‘Manmukh’. The grace of Guru is essential to become a ‘Gurmukh’ & ultimately attain salvation or moksha.

Param Pujya Maharaj Ji delivered these sermons in 1923, when he visited Hyderabad (erst while Sindh- now in Pakistan) on request of the Sindhi Sangat. The lectures on this continued for twenty-four days & while Pujya Maharaj ji was explaining in a lucid manner, the Sindhi devotees made exhaustive notes which were later published in the form of the book ‘Nirmal Updesh’. The matter, though written in Sindhi language, was further translated in three languages-Gurmukhi, Hindi & English for the convenience of the ‘Sangat’ & to make this priceless, everlasting treasure reach the masses. Pujya Maharaj Ji elucidated the ‘Ashtapadi’ in a very simple manner by narrating the parables & apologues justifying the character traits of life of a ‘Gurmukh’ & a ‘Manmukh’ & is a treat to the ‘seeker’ of knowledge.

Translated in Hindi
Translated in English