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Bhagat Labha Mal Kartar Kaur Charitable Trust, a unique social-service oriented trust, with a single objective of serving the poor, needy and the destitute, was established at Nirmal Dham, Model Town, Karnal on August 14, 1997. This National Level Humanitarian Trust (Registered) which is presently being run smoothly and effectively under the judicious and inspiring patronage of His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj, an exalted philanthropist is a secular, non-political and non-govt organisation without any distinction of caste, colour and creed. As the mission of this prestigious humanitarian Trust is to live for others, it has been rendering voluntary services totally free of cost through its following centres at Nirmal Dham since its inception: Bhagat Labha Mal Bridh Ashram (Old age Home), Mata Kartar Kaur Bal Kalyan Niketan (Child Welfare Home) and Mata Kartar Kaur Memorial Library