Spiritual Head -Nirmal Ashram

Mahant Ram Singh Ji


Jis Miliai Man Hoe Anand So Satgur Kaheeai || Man Ki Dubidha Binas Jaae Har Param Pad Laheeai ||

(SGGS -Ang 168, Gauri Bairaagan,Mahalla 4)

Meeting Him, the mind is filled with bliss. He is called the true Guru . Double-mindedness departs and the Supreme status of the Lord ‘Param -pad’ is obtained. Such is the glory of a true Guru as written in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji .

To portray the life sketch of His Holiness Mahant Ram Singh ji Maharaj is as formidable a task as to measure the depth of the unfathomable ocean. His Holiness Maharaj ji is an embodiment of love and kindness. Like all enlightened souls in this mortal world, He sees everything as God, as His ownself. He is always engrossed in the bliss of the soul, obedience to the Guru & glory of God.

Mahant Ram Singh ji Maharaj came into this world on Oct 17, 1950. He inherited the sanskars of sewa & simran from his mother, who was a staunch disciple of Sant. Bhagat Singh ji. Because of good deeds & meditation of previous births, Pujya Maharaj ji involved himself in ‘Sant Sewa’ right from his childhood. Every day, He would go to Nirmal Kutia & Chhoti Kutia at Karnal after school & spend his time in ‘sewa’ & meditation under the guidance & care of his Gurudev Param Pujya Brahmgyani Sant Nikka Singh ji ‘Virakat’. Even when Maharaj ji started working in Punjab & Sind Bank, Barnala branch (Punjab), his Gurudev, ‘Virakat’ Maharaj Ji instructed him if you receive 16 annas (rupees) you should do the work worth 17 annas (rupees). This was a moral preaching collectively for humanity and transforms work into worship.  Maharaj ji did accordingly. He would often work late and help others also in their work. During that time, He had that same passion for ‘sewa’ & would return back to the holy feet of ‘Virakat’ Maharaj ji in Karnal at every early opportunity and on holidays. Pleased with his selfless services and devotion Pujya ‘Virakat’ Maharaj ji   bestowed upon him the title of ‘Sant’ in May 1981 & asked him to look after the Ashram services along with Mahant Narain Singh ji.

Subsequently, with God’s grace and blessings of his Gurudev Brahmgyani Sant Nikka Singh ji ‘Virakat’, Sant Ram Singh ji was bestowed upon with the duties & title of ‘Mahant’ of the Nirmal Ashram on Nov 10, 1982, after the erstwhile Mahant Narain Singh ji left for his heavenly abode on October 25, 1982. Later on, in April 1983, Param Pujya Sant Nikka Singh Ji Maharaj ‘Virakat’ also blessed and bestowed the title of ‘Sant’ on his staunch disciple Baba Jodh Singh Ji. Since then, Pujya Maharaj ji is looking after the affairs of the Ashram along with his Gurubhai Sant Jodh Singh ji. The Ashram has made multifaceted progress during his time & has contributed tremendously to the development of the society & nation as well through the humanitarian services rendered both in the spheres of health & education.

Param Pujya Maharaj ji has been a divine source of inspiration in formulating & accomplishing the motto of the Ashram ‘Love all Serve all’. He lives an exemplary life of simple living and high thinking which only teaches to help & serve humanity, devotion to the Guru & meditating on God’s name. On request of the devotees, Maharaj ji travels extensively in India & abroad to spread the knowledge about God & absolute truth. Every year Barsi celebration of Brahmleen 108 Sant Baba Nikka Singh ji Maharaj are held at various branches, Kutia’s (25) of the Ashram under his divine guidance & presence. Whichever place Maharaj ji stays either at a devotee’s home, kutia or the Ashram, the same routine of kirtan, paath, satsang, preaching sermons & langar is followed. Maharaj ji always enlightens the mind of the devotees through Gurbani & clears their worldly & religious doubts. He never pays much attention to his physical self yet follows a strict, regular routine of walk & having a selected and limited meal every time. Thus, thereby setting an example of maintaining a balance between the worldly necessities & spiritual upliftment.

Param Pujya Maharaj ji always preaches about turning inwards towards the ‘self’ away from materialistic world. He gives his divine blessings & helps his disciples to seek guidance, establish contact with the soul, the voice of conscience & God, as this voice will never allow us to astray & lead to eternal happiness. Whatever Maharaj ji speaks, all his thoughts, words always point towards ‘oneself’ & teach us the true way of life. While talking to Him, He transforms every material thing into a spiritual experience and always leads to the creator, the base, the abode (Adhishthan) of all creations.  A very simple example- If one is having food, He would ask to think of the giver, the creator, and gradually absorb oneself in ‘thanksgiving’ to Him. One should try to see the ‘mud’ in all the ‘earthen pots’ that is the core of it (Adhishthan) and should not be attracted by its varied physical appearance. His divine vision sees the entire world as the image of lord and only the image of lord is seen.

Eho Vis Sansaar Tum Dekhde Eho Har Ka Roop Hai

Har Roop Nadree Aaiaa ||

 (SGGS Ang 922 Raag Ramkalee, Mahalla 3)

Pujya Maharaj ji  has an elegant & trenchant way of teaching & is ever – forgiving. He gives an open field to everyone to work but whenever anyone deflects from the right path, He brings the devotee back on the track in a very discreet and loving manner and help him/her realise the folly and walk on the path of salvation. Anyone who comes to Maharaj ji with devotion and love, with his one single look he sees through the heart and mind of his devotees and all anxieties and worries disappear from the mind. Like a sun that gives comfort & warmth to all, Maharaj ji looks upon everyone alike & showers his blessings on them.

Maharaj ji believes in ‘Sam Bhava’  i.e. equanimity or equality of outlook and loves all beings without any discrimination. He is always humble & delights in doing good to others. All the philanthropic institutes of the Ashram are his dream come true. Maharaj ji never says that He is the giver, rather He always stresses that, it is only because of the grace of the Guru & God, that these benevolent institutes are running successfully. He also calls the poor people, children coming for ‘Chhettar’ or those studying in the schools, living in orphanages, old age home as ‘fortunate ones’ because of whom everyone is getting the ‘sewa’.

Maharaj ji also blesses the devotees with God’s name (Naamdaan) to those who desire & graces them to meditate on it & reach the pinnacle of human happiness, the everlasting supreme state of ecstasy ‘ to know thyself ’ & merge with the Almighty.

“Dhan Dhan Dhan Jan Aaiaa ||

Jis Prasad Sab Jagat Taraiaa ||

Aap Mukat, Mukat Karai Sansar ||

Nanak Tis Jan ko Sada Namaskar” ||

(SGGS – Ang 293, Gauri Sukhmani, Mahalla 5)

Blessed, blessed, blessed is the coming of that humble being, by his grace, the whole world is saved. He Himself is liberated, and He liberates the universe. O Nanak, to that humble servant, I bow in reverence forever.

Home schools by His Holiness Mahant Ram Singh ji Maharaj

While addressing one of the congregations, in His sermons Param Pujya Sant Nikka Singh Ji Maharaj ‘Virakat’ once preached that we should not invest money in luxuries, adorning the buildings, instead this money can be further utilized in educating the poor children and fulfilling their basic needs. This is true service to God and humanity.

Pujya Maharaj ji followed his Gurudev’s teachings and with his divine vision opened many ‘Home Schools’ where the family or families of devotees collect together and teach the poor children who cannot afford to go for tuitions. Apart from educating them in their school curriculum, they are also taught ‘Gurbani’,Paath of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Kirtan too.

This campaign has been widely spread in all Kutiya’s at Karnal, Punjab, Nirmal Ashram at Rishikesh and in towns or villages also where the devotee family shoulders all the responsibility and serve with their ‘Tan Man and Dhan’. Belonging to an impoverished background these children are taught personal hygiene also. They are often gifted the necessary items such as tiffin, water bottles, shoes, socks etc. With the grace of Maharaj Ji these people are doing selfless sewa dedicated to their Gurudev and are receiving His choicest blessings.These children are provided with tea and langar too. Relishing the daily parshad of toffees, chocolates, chips etc. is another added motivation to these children.

It is indeed a crusade which begins at the grass-root level and will definitely lay the foundation of strong, educated, independent and humanistic society.



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