Most hon’ble Sant Baba Jodh Singh ji Maharaj is an embodiment of wisdom, knowledge & loving service to God & Guru. The heights to which Nirmal Ashram has reached today, along with its 12 philanthropic institutes & 25 kutia’s, is only made possible because of the blessings & patronage of His Holiness Mahant Ram Singh ji Maharaj & meticulous care, guidance & unrelenting efforts of Pujya Sant Jodh Singh ji Maharaj.

Sant Jodh Singh ji Maharaj was born on August 14, 1948. Being a nephew of Brahmleen Sant Nikka Singh ji ‘Virakat’, he inherited devotion &  service to God from his family only. His mother was also a lady of religious disposition, so as destined by God, he too spent his childhood at the holy feet of saints – Sant Gopal Singh ji & Sant Nikka Singh ji ‘Virakat’ – his Guru. He studied Gurbani deeply along with worldly education & for sometime even worked in the Punjab & Sind Bank (Gujranwala Town Branch, Delhi) but this was not his aim of life. Seeing his inclination towards serving the saints, his religious temperament,  Param Pujya Sant Nikka Singh ji ‘Virakat’, bestowed upon him the title of ‘Sant’ on April 3, 1983 & thus freed him from the worldly bonds. He showered his choicest blessings and asked him to move to Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh to serve the Ashram along with Mahant Baba Ram Singh ji Maharaj.

Since then, with his perception & farsightedness, he has been looking after the affairs of the Ashram & its rapid progress. Mahant Ram Singh ji Maharaj often moves on his spiritual tours in India & abroad to enlighten the devotees on ‘Parmarth, Sewa & Simran’, Sant Jodh Singh ji Maharaj takes care of the working & progress of the Ashram & its charitable institutes. He is a saint of imposing personality, magnanimous & loving nature & extremely sagacious in attitude. He is never satisfied with anything else less than perfection. Though, being tenderhearted, he forgives easily, yet follies and misapprehensions never escape his eyes.He listens to all the problems as well as the suggestion given by the distinguished heads of all the institutes, analyses them and gives his judicious decision.   

He looks into the minute details of each & everything – right from the construction of new buildings, renovation of old ones, its designing, interiors & even outdoor gardening and also the implementation of the generous policies. He discusses all the innovative plans related to any branch of the Ashram, any institute with His Holiness Mahant Ram Singh ji Maharaj for His opinion and final verdict. He tries his best to implement the same.

For his solicitude, he gives special attentive care to the people & sewadaars working in the Ashram & tries to fulfill all their basic needs. He listens to their problems and gives effective solutions. He often visits  Karnal to look into the working of the beneficent institutes & various branches (kutia’s) for the same purpose.

Not only this, Sant Jodh Singh ji Maharaj, possesses a deep understanding of Nirmal Sampradaya & its contribution towards society & its rich history. He often organizes as well as attends various seminars on the same. He goes through each & every publication of the Ashram & takes care that all facts thus presented are true. Nirmal Ashram, no doubt, today has become a main centre of religious, social, educational & medical care in Uttarakhand.

 Pujya Sant Jodh Singh ji believes this world to be illusionary and is completely detatched to it. He lives an austere life of an ascetic being completely absorbed in his work and meditation and in obedience to his Gurudev Sant Nikka Singh Ji ‘Virakat’. His life exemplifies selfless service to God and humanity.


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